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The temperature difference in the morning and evening is too severe these days.

I hope you all take good care of your health.

the growing interest in real estate these days

Same thing. In addition, in the recent mortgage application process,

I think a lot of people are looking into it.

It’s a loan you’ve heard of at least once.

Actually, I have to apply this time.

Information may be scarce and learn more

I’m sure there were some difficulties.

There’s a lot of information about homeless people.

from a multi-home standpoint

Searching for good information is a way to make sure that it’s time

It would have taken quite a while.

Individual business operators are operated and business operation funds are provided.

I’m trying to apply for a mortgage when I need it.

I got to know this information after visiting several places.

The economic situation is not good due to the influence of Covid-19 Fendemic.

In case a well-run store needs funds urgently

It’s a frustrating time when you can’t easily apply for funds.

Fortunately, I got the limit I applied for, and I got it safe.

I applied for the necessary funds and am still using them.

Redemption plan ahead of loan execution

You’ll have to pull it up well. interest rates at various places

Compare it, find out, and then run the loan.

There shouldn’t be a hasty choice.

I’ve been writing this time, and I’ve been walking past it.

There was a lot of information.

In the process of running up to 95% of mortgage loans,

Those who run private businesses were in a favorable condition.

Basically, where business funds are required;

Financing was easier. Business funds were real estate.

Applying real estate regulations to the LTV market

Since it is not accepted, the maximum amount of eviction funds is over 100 million won.

3 months or more in the event of financing

We need to prove the sales of our operations.

You said you can’t get it back.

Depending on whether you apply for a loan for this purpose,

It seemed to be applied importantly.

Additional office interior costs

For the purpose necessary for the operation of project funds,

I’ve been meaning to ask for a loan.

Besides, if you run a lease and a business establishment,

depending on the purpose of the application

You said the progress is somewhat different.

To repay another liability in the event of non-operating funds;

He also said that if you apply for the purpose, there could be a disadvantage.

Low LTVs may be beneficial to application requirements,

If you use up to 70 percent of LTVs, interest rates average around 5 percent.

He said he’d come out.

LTV was 80%~5%~6%.

There was a slight difference in average interest rates, just in case.

Those who will find out later will know this much.

I thought it would be better to do it. In the recent overheated real estate district,

This is because there were many more restrictions and restrictions.

In real estate regulations, mortgage loans are not a good idea.

relatively freely residential officetels

They say they’re getting more interested. To the target of coordination area.

They’re not being applied to LTV, and the number of households is…

Not being included will have advantages.

You recently said that interest in officetels has increased more than in the past.

Villa checks the appraised price KB market to apply the bank’s appraised price.

The appraisers compare the prices around the actual transaction according to the appraised amount.

He said he would offer a similar amount for the local real estate market.

Of course, the appraisers of each financial company are people, and they all differ.

If you apply as favorable as possible under my conditions, there will be good results.

Depending on the appraised amount, it would be desirable to check the financial companies’ preferences.

In this opportunity, I learned about the details of the loan after I ran it.

You said villa doesn’t apply if it’s more than 900 million expensive houses.

In general, apartments in overheated speculation zones are over 900 million, 20 percent, and up to 1.5 billion.

LTV is banned in overheated speculation zones, which excludes villas.

It’s been a tough process, of course, to get a loan.

There were some necessary documents, too.

It was not uncomfortable and difficult to prepare the documents separately.

But I remember it was complicated. The documents that need to be prepared.

It wasn’t just one or two things. Of course, I’m not sure if I’m going to skip it.

I was able to compare it once again and prepare thoroughly.

Individual business operators are required to pay full national tax certificates and local taxes.

He said that two certificates must be prepared.

You will need to attach proof of business sales as well.

If you’re out of tax at the IRS,

It’s possible to proceed without fail.

I hope you know the truth.

National tax payment certificate is applied to HomeTex or SonTex application.

I’m going to use it to issue it, and I’m going to use the app to request a fax loan

It’s possible, so please refer to it.

You also need to prepare your ID and a copy.

After submitting the identification card to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport

We’re going to check the number of houses, and we’re going to need a copy.

There will be nothing to lose by preparing it in advance.

The certificate of registration of the supervisor is issued within three months of the opening date, and the certificate of income amount is obtained from the certificate of income.

Hometex Value Added Tax Standard Certification Source, etc. Basic Seal, and Other Various

I have a lot of documents I need, so when you have time,

You’d better prepare one by one.

Based on the application date criteria, the choice of financial institutions is

Of course you have to make a lot of comparisons.

The documents requested by the financial sector are listed above.

There may be a slight difference, so please visit us in advance.

You’d better call the bank and prepare the necessary documents again.

Actually, I’m so distracted that sometimes I fall for it.

When you have time, please organize it in advance and prepare to issue it.

It didn’t take long, except for one or two.

Because you have to get ready again. ^^

It would be better to prepare one by one within the last three months and apply 폰테크 for a loan.

For those of you who don’t have time,

These days, on mobile apps and the Internet,

All documents issued when a public certificate is ready

It’s easy to prepare, so please refer to it.

I’m sure that’s what I wrote above.

These days, real estate policy is too… There’s a lot of course.

depending on the evidence of income, the purpose of use of conditions, and the number of housing holdings,

I think we are reviewing the conditions in more detail than in the past.

Most of all, I have a mortgage for a financial company that fits me well.

Please compare it.

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