I’m disappointed and decide to just die and go back to hell.

Chloe found the body,
We’re trying to arrest Lucifer, who’s bound to be on the line.

Lucifer is disappointed by Chloe, who suspects him.
I just decide to die and go back to hell.

So he provokes the police and leads them to fire.
It’s actually firing.
Amenadiel slows down time and saves Lucifer.

Amenadiel was trying to correct his mistakes.
Lucifer is trying to get things straight around him.
The two will cooperate with each other.

Chloe’s convinced Lucifer’s not the culprit.
Dan says Lucifer’s not the culprit.
Reveal all your mistakes.

Dan got a big blow from Chloe.
Together we strive for Malcolm Torrent Hazza.

Chloe needs one more person who knows Lucifer.
He even gets Maze’s cooperation to solve the problem.

Malcolm gets the money.
Lucifer and Amenadiel find out they’re going to buy a new identity.
We’re going to start by sharing information, and finally we’
It takes away the money Malcolm got and pushes Malcolm into a corner.

But Malcolm kidnapped Trixie.
He blackmailed Chloe back.
Lucifer followed to save Chloe.go
He was shot by Malcolm and headed to hell.

Lucifer was about to die.
He says he’s going to follow his father’s word and asks for Chloe’s life.
Lucifer remotely uses the coin he gave 토렌트 Malcolm and returns from hell to the present life.

Malcolm then heads to hell staring blankly at the coin disappearing in front of his eyes.

After work, Lucifer and Amenadiel start talking again.
Lucifer’s father sent him back to his present life,
I say I’ve given you a mission.

And the mission is to send my mother back to hell, who escaped from hell.

What was shown in episode 1 and 13 of Lucifer’s season.

It’s not a living thing made in hell.
Angels can also be made to death.
Amenadiel expected him to die,
Restores with Lucifer’s wing feathers that Maze hid.

Lucifer is still immortal without Chloe around him.

Dan reveals that he illegally leaked the main evidence, the gun.
Clear Lucifer’s charges.

Lucifer doesn’t understand the procedures of the human world.
He only values his feelings.

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