After exercising, I can’t stay stressed that day after I’ve used up all the energy that I’m sweating.

It’s not a review of Jiujitsu’s uniform, I bought a new one, but I don’t know where to show it off.

I bought all the clothes, taxes, and shipping with my own money.
It’s said to be good for cost-effectiveness, but it was posted on the previous post of Tatami, which was almost sold in Korea, but the reason why I chose this was because I accidentally entered Tatami’s co-home (tmi Tatami is a British brand).
The price was so good that I didn’t know the price was over 1,600 won and it would be similar to the dollar.
It says it’s good for your shopping cart (you didn’t even know there was a 20-pro tax) and you can’t take it out.
So I bought it. I wasn’t that excited when I bought new clothes, but I’m waiting for the delivery. I’m so excited!

A few days ago, my friend asked me on the phone if I was 153 after drinking, so I gave him a double bath. I’m sure no one will be curious about it, but if you buy a uniform, please refer to the size.
My height was 157.xx (Health check-up last year) and I weighed 52 kilograms (Yesterday).
So Tatami uniform size was F1L.
I was thinking about doing F1. Then, my arms and legs would have been a bit short. (That’s not why I have long arms and legs.)
It’s F1L that’s a bit long, but it fits just like the picture.
I wore this as soon as I bought it, but after washing it at 30 degrees, it feels like it’s slightly reduced.
It’s not accurate. Anyway, it’s perfect for my body!
I’m not curious about anyone, but the lining I’ve taken.
I really want to have a Kanzi belt, but since it’s White Belt and Noganji, I’ll work hard and get a new belt if I get promoted!
This is also Tatami Estilo 6.0
Jujitsu clothes size F1L is the same, and the color is black + purple is between gray and silver and gray.
It feels like the black is a bit shorter than the white suit?
We’re the same model, but that’s how it feels.
Finger taping is a real, real necessity.
At first, I didn’t know anything about it and I just gave a lot of strength, but after I finished exercising, my fingers were swept away and it hurt. I don’t want to use my strength well, but to prevent injury, I try to tape it before exercising so that I can have a lot of fun safely.

In the past, after two weeks of jujitsu, if you hurt something after a toe injury, it will last a long time. The first and second safety!

Mouseguard=Mousepiece is a must for sparring!
A mouthpiece from the director. One adidas.
One SiSu mouthpiece from Jelly

I usually wear a seesaw mouthpiece. The reason why I almost cried during the mouse piece plastic surgery was because I didn’t fall out.
I did the proofreading. So if you know, there’s a wire inside here. And one of my front teeth is laminated, so it bothers me a lot. I pressed it to get plastic surgery. It didn’t fall out. I cried and 주짓수 opened my mouth in hot water. So I barely took it out and got plastic surgery again.
Anyway, I’m good at it now, but I’m afraid that my molars will get adjusted again soon, but I’m too lazy to wear them again and I’m afraid it won’t fall out.
I always wear a rash guard from top to bottom inside the uniform.
At first, I wore pants and uniform pants, but I don’t know, waistband… What do you call a hole? I had a groove, so I could see what color he was wearing. Exercise leggings are thick, so I buy water leggings from Bali Beach and wear them lightly.

I bought a rash guard from brand 93 this time, so I wore a rash guard, a rash guard, a short-sleeved T-shirt if I didn’t wash my clothes, but sometimes I can see my chest when I lower my shirt, so I just wear a rash guard.
I wash my clothes alone.
If you spin it with regular clothes, it might cause lint. Yunan…
I arrived at the stamp a little early, so I took some pictures because someone asked me to take a look or not. for two consecutive days
This is a new, warm jiujitsu stamp that has been opened for about 6 months. Dunk jiujitsu near the station.

If you’re looking for a place to exercise in the steam line of Magok Balsan, Gangseo-gu, I strongly recommend Dunk Jujitsu.

You don’t have to work out separately because you work out different muscles and jiujitsu every day.

I’ve done kickboxing, weight, swimming, and golf, and it’s my first time doing an exercise that’s so fun and I feel like I’m really working out.
The amount of exercise you can’t help sweating! (Of course, eating a lot of chimaek after exercise makes you a big and powerful pig = my story)

If a woman learns jiujitsu, the good reason is self-defense!
In fact, running away is the best, but nevertheless, learning how to protect myself gives me confidence and courage!
Learn how to use your opponent’s power and skills.

And there are a lot of female staff members in Dunk Jisoo, so it’s good to practice with similar weight classes.
“If you are all kind and happy, you don’t have to worry about people who are standing on their own like sticks,” said the director, “You can practice two at a time.”

Director Tmi2 Dunkbjj is young and cute. You’re very good. He’s so kind and energetic that I don’t know if I should do this. He’s so neat. He cleans after every hour, so the gym and the shower room are always clean and clean. Actually, there’s a jiu jitsu gym closer to my house, but I’m glad I went here because I liked the director. I want to!

After exercising, I can’t stay stressed that day after I’ve used up all the energy that I’m sweating.

I feel so relieved and proud, and I have become a missionary to learn jiujitsu from my friends. Why did you learn so much fun when you were 30?
I’m so sorry to hear that. If I had learned five years earlier, I would have worn a blue belt.

Finally, 93brand arrived yesterday.
Olive uniform. I saw the size chart and found that I recommended F2 for my height, so I bought this one too!That’s right!
Each clothing brand has a different size, so make sure to check and buy it.

I went on a business trip as soon as I received the delivery, so I only took selfies at home.

Well, thank you for reading my little school uniform.

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