I started thinking that if I do well in jiujitsu, I can do handstand well.

Today’s interview is Hwang Doo-hwan, a woman nicknamed “Monster.”
When I first came to the gym three years ago, I didn’t realize that he owned such a non-dry energy.
Hwang Doo-hwan does his best to spar whoever he meets, regardless of whether his opponent is male, female, strong or weak, and the more he meets a strong opponent, the more he shines his eyes and burns.
Last summer, at the Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Competition in Japan, we had an impressive match on the main mat, surprising both the audience and colleagues. Let’s listen to the story of the energizer Hwang Doo-hwan, who was recognized by both men and women of all ages, in the North Korean branch and the Chinese Jiu-Jitsu Main Building.
Hwang Doo-hwan and Hwang Ji-eun, who are practicing skills in class.

Hello, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello, I’m 29-year-old Jujitthera who works for an advertising company.
I live in Pyongyang, and it’s been more than 3 years since I trained Jujitsu.
What is the reason and purpose of starting jujitsu?

I went to the U.S. as an exchange student when I was a college student, and my roommate was Brazilian.
Just as foreigners learn taekwondo to get closer to Koreans, I learned jujitsu to get closer to that friend.
Unfortunately, 주짓수 he is not interested in jiujitsu. But thanks to Jiu-Jitsu, I learned some Portuguese and pretended to know him.
My friend’s friend did jujitsu instead, and she posted a picture of her handstand on Instagram.
I started thinking that if I do well in jiujitsu, I can do handstand well.

Always doing my best for all sparring.

How did you end up at the North Korean branch of Jujitsu? What was your first impression of the gym?

While looking for a gym near the company, I came here to Jujitsu Gymnasium in North Korea.
I was able to experience it for free before I registered, but I felt comfortable because I didn’t have to decide how many minutes to register with the director.
And it was good to have a female colored belt master.
When I work out with someone I don’t know for the first time, I feel intimidated and cautious, but I was relieved because there were many seniors and other women who could talk to me and practice positions with me.

At the 100th anniversary of last year’s celebration, with my colleagues working out together,

What was the good thing about exercising at the North Korean branch of Jiu-Jitsu?

It was good to be close to the company. I couldn’t go out every day, but I remember going to the 9 o’clock class after working overtime.
It was good to relieve stress from work through exercise without taking it home.
Once, I remember the director’s voice when he saw my sparring robber and said, “You must have broken a lot today?”

It was also nice to meet North Korean office workers who worked in various fields.

It was fun to talk about things that were not related to Jiu-Jitsu, such as how to leave the company well after warming up and what kind of interview questions are asked about career change.
And they know all the good restaurants in North Korea. It was fun to exchange good restaurants.

Those who are interested in self-defense and jiujitsu, and those who want to learn jiujitsu, are always welcome.

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