Just because you have a new manager

As you’ll know, you’ve been under control

Good, pretty, kind,

Massage is a nagging word

I got it from Sam

I feel 강남안마 healed

It’s ace too

Plus open and now I go too often

Chief, I know exactly what I see in my face

The style I like.

I like young and good kids these days.

I asked the Chief, he said, “Garam.”

He’s a popular kid on Plus.

Pay for Deep Tissue Massage Limp and shower and wait.

It’s early hours, but there are plenty of customers

I don’t like too many guests. When I want to get one

You can’t take it right away.

Well, that means that you’ve been verified.

That’s a good idea.

Slim style.

He looks very cute.

You seem a lot of charm.

I apply aroma oil with my small hands and massage them.

Not at the level, but at least for some reason.

But the lymph is a good one

You learned Spartan way well

I’m so young that I’ll have to put off my hand-playing

Corona seemed a little quiet, so I took her on duty to get a massage

After entering, the hand disinfection temperature check of the clothes disinfection is also meticulous.

I was recommended to you as a massager after I was away for Corona

I waited for a shower, and a manager named Apple, who has a cool eye on a tall key,

I’m coming in with a bright greeting. I’m asking if you’ll get a strong or weak one

I like to get it so I asked you to get it so hot, and the massage started saying OK!

Mr. Apple’s massage was very cool. It was very meticulous and the part that needed to be gently

It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper massage to soften it

I think I found the perfect manager for me

You’ve been so good. Thanks to Apple, I’ve been healing properly

Hands are art.

the coolness of dryness and the thrill of wetness

It’s a harmonious thing! You’re all in it!

Gently, the sensitive part! The massager’s

I think I know my heart well and I look for a place where I have gathered

The inner hole that releases makes you feel a long-term economy

Time has gone by with the right pressure and amazing skill

I personally like tall people, because I’m tall

I’m going to ask the chief or the bosses wherever they are

I called him and asked him if he had a keyman, and he said he was able to massage and he was good at massage.

I’ve been there to believe that I’ve arrived and made a payment

I’ve chosen aromacos, so I’ll take the massage from the back

I gave a lot of oil and massage, but the oil was silvery and the muscles were a lot of muscle.

I like to feel free, so I love to get aroma massage rather than dry

This is his stuff. You’ve got a lot of experience

Anyway, I think I got a massage too cool

It was still refreshing and good

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