They say they usually need 1.5 to 2 years of training to go from white belt to blue belt.

The world is so tough these days, especially the parents who raise their daughters.
You have a lot of worries.
I’m raising a daughter, too. In this tough world, one of your own is…
I’ve always wanted to make you bigger than I can protect you.
I think I’m going to have to let him learn a martial arts.
I’ve been doing it, and I’ve been working on it.
The most reasonable martial arts that women can protect themselves.
It’s the same. Honestly, I’d like to learn from you.
It’s also an exercise.

Jujitsu is a Brazilian martial art, Balituro and Judo.
It is a martial art that combines the full body of art.
The basic principle is to use the principle of leverage to make the other person’s choice.
It’s a way of overpowering the joints, and we’re often the ones that.
The technology we know is that it’s like Amba Triangle Choke.
There’s technology.
These days, mixed martial arts players mostly use jujitsu.
I think they’re going to cook it.

In the past, jiujitsu used to attack grip attacks (pestering) cuddles.
(Neckcrank) There’s a lot of hitting attacks.
I knew it was a movement, but especially jujitsu grip attack.
(Proping) Cuddle Attack (Neckcrank) Strike Attack (Punch or Kick)
It’s been recognized as the exclusive property of men, but recently,
Many celebrities are playing jiujitsu on the air.
It’s not only popular with the general public, but also with women.
He’s in the spotlight for his self-defense. Especially small-sized.
Weak women learn jujitsu a lot as self-defense.
There’s a trend.

Jiujitsu Belt Order


Jiujitsu is a very long-term trainee.
It’s known as exercise. Taekwondo is called the zodiac.
In promotion, the 주짓수 jiujitsu refers to the belt.
Jiujitsu belt order seems a bit more complicated than Taekwondo.
Let’s find out.

The first belt you wear is white and blue. Purple –
Brown – Black – Red There’s the order of the belt.
If you look at each belt in detail, you’ll find that each belt is white.
It’s lined up and it’s called gral.
This Gral starts with the first one and starts with four.
You get the next belt through promotion.

From white to blue belt, usually 1.5–2 years
They say we need a training period of a degree.
The training period in the table above is IBJJF (International Federation of Brazilian Jigsaw Associations).
the average duration of an individual’s training, as suggested by
Little by little, through competence and how faithfully you come out there.
There’s a difference.

And Jujitsu is like Taekwondo in a place like Kukkiwon.
I don’t want to be a promotion judge, I want to be a teacher at each gym.
They’re going to have a promotional examination. at each gym
The promotion criteria are slightly different, and the part about promotion is
We need to build on respect and trust for each other.
They say they do.

Back to belt training, white to blue.
1.5 to 2 years on average. Blue to purple for 2 to 3 years.
Blue to purple 3–5 years Purple to brown 5–10 years
And Black needs more than 10 years of training.
I do. And in the case of the Brown Belt, no matter how good you are,
Even if you like, the rule is that you have to be at least 18 years of age to get a promotion.
Yes, and the black belt is based on the current Korean standard.
More than 10 years before he gets promoted to about 50 people.
That’s a very precious belt.

Before I tell my daughter to learn, I’ll learn.
Think about it in the direction of learning with your daughter.
Here we go.

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